Derek Rutherford - Author, Musician, Photographer


Derek's fiction dates back to 1985 with his first short story sale - "Heads, You Lose" - which was published in the Californian magazine The Horror Show. Since then he's had numerous short stories published, won the occasional prize, and even had two entries in the Honorary Mentions section of The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, which he's assured is at least a tiny bit prestigious.

In more recent times Derek has been focused on writing westerns. There are several good reasons why Derek went down this route, not least that he spent a lot of time reading westerns when he was a boy.

All of the following books are available from the usual sources.

Some Other (Very Old) Stories:



Talking About Chet Baker

El Boogie del Cementerio (*)

(*) I wish I knew! This story originally appeared in Fear magazine back in 1991
and since then (unbeknownst to me until recently) has taken on a second life in Spain. 
It has been reprinted several times in anthologies, a band has put together a very dark set of 
songs based on it, and now I discover this. All mighty strange... as befits the story, I guess.

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